Energy Work

Energy work is the general term for describing all the therapy modalities that are based on energy healing. They are all focused on the belief that the human body contains many levels of energy, that when stimulated through various techniques, will promote overall health and well-being.

The ideas of energy fields can be traced back to some of the oldest traditional medicine systems of China, Japan and India. Some techniques such as shiatsu and acupuncture have roots in ancient traditional medicine while techniques like polarity therapy and therapeutic touch are more modern approaches to ancient medicines. But the underlying principle of these treatments remains the same which is the idea of energy flow in the body.

Energy work can reduce stress and help you gain a better understanding of your inner self. Techniques of energy work are designed to balance the energy of the body, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. They can be used as a form of natural healing as they can reduce pain and prevent any future pain. This is because our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Once the person can connect with their body physically and mentally, their body will guide them to the appropriate treatment.

When we are stressed, our bodies restrict energy flow or suppress bad energy deep within the body. This leads to stress and anxiety, as well as physical manifestations of the bad energy in the form of pain or illness. If we can cleanse the body of its bad energy reserves and reinforce the energy balance once again, we can lead a happier, peaceful life with less stress and the ability to recover from emotional trauma. Energy work becomes aware of the power of our emotions and feelings.

Energy work is also linked to quantum physics. What we learn from physics is that each person chooses their own perception of reality. Problems start when we get stuck in habitual patterns and only see life in a specific way. In other words, our bodies do not recover from past experiences, good or bad. Energy work helps us to free ourselves from our past problems and to gain a new, fresh outlook on life.