Emily is the Best Energy Work Healer in Philadelphia!

I have had several sessions with Emily and each one has been a physical as well as mental healing. One particular session still remains most in my mind and I share it with others even now. I was experiencing right hip and leg pain on and off for over a year. It was beginning to increase and remain regularly. During this particular session with Emily I happened to mention it to her. After her initial massage and energy work she began to focus on my hip area. I can remember her asking me to completely relax and surrender my movements to her. Her confidence and compassion made it very easy to achieve her request. She began to work with the right leg and then began on the left as well because she said often the other side is affected to compensate. As she was doing her “magic” my arms began to raise outward, I initially thought ‘how weird’ but went with it. It was then that my vision took flight and I spoke out loud “Oh my God, I am flying! I am soaring above the tree tops below me.” It was incredible and an experience that will always remain with me. I rose off that table not only with an incredible outer body adventure but a right hip and leg that was restored. That session was about 3 years ago. Emily has made me a believer in the healing power of energy work and I am forever thankful that I have a “Healer” in my life!

-Carol J. RN

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