Emily is a Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual healer! Excellent!

I have had many massages in my life and then I had a full body healing session with Emily Williams. The work that she does and the healing she inspires is beyond words. As a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healer, Emily has helped me through some incredibly difficult times in my life. Her work has encouraged me to find my inner strength and to look within to pursue my truth. Through her sessions and her support I have been able to overcome fear, anxiety, and pain that went deep beyond the physical sense. She truly cares about her clients and puts her full self into her healing touch and voice. Over the years she has grown immensely, is always pursuing knowledge of ancient practice, and is constantly integrating new techniques into our sessions. She has helped me through break ups, through healing after major surgery, and to find myself when I felt completely unloved and lost.


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