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May 20

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Years of Experience: 25

Caring and nurturing you  is the first step to self love.  The body can stay healthy and young with the art of massage. It is one of the best things that I have found to loosen body armor and stress. Massage has helped me open my joints creating a fluid base of limberness in and around my skeletal body. I advise you to explore massage as often as you can; you will be healed and relaxed.   My focus is on aligning your body, mind, spirit and emotions. I take a personal approach to your present needs, and a dedication and commitment to your health.

The benefits of massage are numerous. Massage benefits the physical body, the emotions, opens up the heart, mediates the aging process, keeps the body wrinkle free, nourishes the connective tissue at a cellular level, opens the brain cells and makes you smarter, heals the chakras and hormonal systems in both men and women.

I have 25 years experience with massage. I studied in Phila, Los Angeles where I lived for 20 years and Thailand. My background includes a variety of modalities such as  Shiatsu, strong sports, deep, Swedish and Chi Nei Tsang which is a stomach massage to open up blocked internal organs and cells. I offer a personal touch and I focus solely on you during the session. 

My advanced background also includes yoga, pilates, somatics and kinesiology. I also studied psychology and understand the balance between the body and the emotions. 

So now is the time to care for your health. After long hours of traveling and working it is now a time to revitalize, rejuvenate and awaken into your life.





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