Michael- Massage for Cross Fit and Marathon Runners in Philly!

I’m an avid cross fit athlete as well as marathon runner in Philly. I’m in my 50’s and a male. I live in Philadelphia and believe it or not , it’s been tough to find a body worker that actually listens and can take care of my pain issues after competition. I’ve had little luck with most of the therapists I tried and someone suggested that I should really begin using a male therapist that specializes in athletes since they really take their body work serious and keep up on education and know the male body well. I came across Michael on Massage Philadelphia and ordered a massage. I have to tell you , he absolutely knew what he was doing and knew about all my pain issues and why they were developing. He was a wealth of knowledge and information. He also relieved all of my pain! I will be using male massage therapists like Michael from here on! He changed it all for me!