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Center City Philadelphia

Promoting the health and wellness side of the field of massage therapy has been a continual goal and achievement of mine since the start of my career over 11 years ago. Being a Philadelphia native has a clear impact on my style of massage so much so that many of my clients have dubbed my style as “hurts so good”. Don’t be afraid. The good far outweighs the hurt 😊

Of course, the ability to combine relaxation and wellness are an integral part of my massage therapy sessions, but my knowledge of and respect for anatomy, kinesiology, and the human form shine through during each client’s highly therapeutic table time. As a quality athlete in many differing fields beginning with 10 years of ballet at the age of only three years old, then extending collegiate swimming and ultimate frisbee, and currently tennis and yoga, my vast experience with many differing kinetic outlets and the way to maintain the body and/or rehab it so that it performs optimally is my number one priority. Also, included is my work in field of corporate massage where the toll the body must endure from sitting for extended periods of time, whether it be behind a desk, or in a car or an airplane, must be tackled. I have worked extensively and with great success on many clients helping to improve their posture, eliminate trigger points, combat insomnia, relieve acute and chronic pain, teach self-care techniques, and offer them an overall improved quality of life because of a reduction and/or elimination of work-related postural issues.

As for experience, I have worked with some of my clients for the entire span of my 11 year massage career. My scope of clientele includes, child athletes, high school and college students, business persons, expecting and new mothers, crossfitters, yogis and yoginis, Muay Thai fighters, runners including marathoners, players for the Philadelphia Phillies, Flyers, and Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, dancers for the Pennsylvania Ballet, as well as skaters for Disney on Ice. From spa, to chiropractic office to the sidelines of a sports arena, respect of the client or patient, attention to their needs and comfort level, and ensuring that all session goals are achieved with care and professionalism is of the utmost importance.

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