Massage Therapist

Center City Philadelphia, Philadelphia Airport (PHL)

Hello, my name is Nicole. I am a licensed massage therapist that has been  trained in bodywork for over 10 years as well as being a mobile massage therapist specializing in bringing massage therapy to the client.

I work on celebrities, pro athletes, business owners, healers, chiropractors, doctors, business executives and truly believe that everyone regardless of their career path can benefit from massage therapy.

After moving back home from California, I have been doing on site massage therapy in Philadelphia for the past 6  years. It’s been a rewarding experience to meet clients from all over the world that come back to Philadelphia on a regular basis and use Massage Philadelphia as their massage provider.

I have combined my structural bodywork knowledge with specific deep tissue massage techniques to create the most optimal massage sessions for my clients, so you are feeling your best and ready to take on the next day in a well balanced and pain free state. I’m a strong believer that intergrating bodywork therapy with massage aids in  releasing the restrictions in the body that cause pain and discomfort resulting in longer lasting benefits of the massage session.

I am an expert in structural bodywork  which allows the muscular systems in the the body to rebalance and return to normal in turn helping your body physically by relieving pain and discomfort but also it is an effective way to alleviate depression and anxiety, improving mental health and sleep quality.

I specialize in Deep Tissue Massage, Light Touch Therapy,  as well as Combination Deep Tissue/Swedish Relaxation Massage correcting fascia and soft tissue in the body so you can get the benefits of both from one session leaving you revitalized and rejuvenated.



Relaxation Swedish Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Structural Integration Massage Therapy
Neuromuscular Massage Therapy