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“Verily all things move within your being in constant half embrace, the desired and the dreaded, the repugnant and the cherished, the pursued and that which you would escape. These things move within you as lights and shadows in pairs that cling.”
~Khalil Gibran, “Of Freedom”

I earned my National Certification in Massage Therapy in 2005 with the intention of helping people get in touch with their innate potential to travel beyond the bounds of their corporeal self to the deeper coherence of the mind and spirit just beneath the surface.

In my subsequent 13 years of practice, I have deepened my knowledge and understanding of neuromuscular work (deep tissue), trigger point therapy, energy & crystal work, aromatherapy, oncology massage, cupping, breath work, nutrition & herbalism, yoga and skin care through many hours of continuing education and self-directed study.

Holistic health has always been a passion for me (in addition to music *sound therapy* and dance *moving meditation* and well, life!). I delight in sharing the breadth of my experience with each unique person I work with as a client. I’ve had the opportunity to share and expand upon my gifts with cancer patients, professional athletes, touring musicians, actors, CEO’s, pregnant mothers-to-be, the international business community, politicians, other talented healers and beyond.

After a brief consultation prior to your session, I mindfully enter your space with an integrative technique, blending a broad range of modalities with intuitive intention to address any physical restrictions, imbalances, and pain bodies residing within. I use music as a tool to aid your mind and spirit to communicate seamlessly with your body, tuning your brain waves to higher frequencies. Engaging as a team, we will acknowledge and release the present manifestations of restriction and bring you back in touch with your expansive, unbound inner self. My goal is for you to come away from your session feeling peaceful, rejuvenated, and unburdened. Dare I say, you may even be left feeling inspired!

The power to create our reality, painful or joyful, restrictive or free, is within all of us. To echo the philosophy of my colleague, Emily: “As human beings we hold on to memories, injuries and traumas that become stored deep in our bodies that have a massive impact on
our overall well being and day to day life. Through body, breath and energy work, we have a beautiful opportunity to open physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.” On a quantum level, we are 99.99999% energy and merely .00001% matter. Through intuitive healing work, we create space in the body and mind, shedding light on the depths we possess to be creators within our lives. The perception of external environments shift, and stress no longer controls our moods and decisions. Not because there is less stress, but because we are better equipped to handle it.

“There is light and dark moving within us at all times. I feel it is my purpose as a healer to help illuminate that which is within the help-seeker’s shadow, so that they may confront it joyfully and let it go.”

In addition to her career as a licensed massage therapist, Theresa is a member of the choir Philadelphia Voices of Pride, a student of breaking and hip hop dance, a mother to a beautiful 10 y/o son, and is pursuing an English degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Music at Temple University. She is also about to embark upon continuing education for sound healing, which she is very excited to incorporate into her massage practice in the near future.

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