Massage is a Great Cure for Jet Lag!

Massage is a Great Cure for Jet Lag!

As exciting as long-haul holidays or all week business travel can be, they have one significant downside – jetlag. People are affected in different ways, but it’s almost always more than a simple spot of tiredness. Often our bodies don’t know what hit them.

Jet-lag disrupts the body on a major scale, causing fatigue and digestive upsets, memory lapses, nausea, insomnia, swelling, irritability and lethargy – known under the umbrella term, ‘time zone change syndrome’.

Recent studies, however, have proven that massaging with an essential oil such as lavender can help stimulate circulation and general well-being, putting a spring back in your step if jet-lag has got you suffering.
A good massage works because it allows your internal body clock to adjust to the time zone naturally.

All too often, we resort to chugging down shots of caffeine to stay awake or medication to help us nod off, neither of which are anything more than short-term solutions, and just prolong the vicious jetlag cycle for days on end.

‘All types of massage work well to help alleviate the symptoms of jet-lag, especially Swedish and acupressure, paying particular attention to areas as calves and legs, shoulder back and neck.

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